The Developers Team

When you first create an Organization, a team called developers is created.

The developers team is a special team. While it can be deleted if you so choose, by default it acts as a "catch-all" team. This means:

The effects of deleting the team are covered below.

You may delete the developers team. If you do, newly added Organization members will not be added to any teams by default. Additionally, you will not be able to see all users in your org from the CLI, as one can only view the members of a team via the CLI.

You should also note that upon publish, in the absence of a developers team, it is difficult to determine who should be set as maintainers of that package. npm will do its best to fallback to another Organization team that the publisher is a member of. This is not predictable.

If you've removed the developers team, but now want it back, you can reinstate it by creating a new team called developers (case sensitive!). You will need to add all current members of the Organization to the new developers team, but, going forward all newly added Organization members will be automatically added to the new developers team.

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