Managing Organization Package Access

Once you have scoped a package to your Organization, users with Super Admin or Team Admin roles in your Organization can grant, revoke, and monitor team access to that package.

There are two levels of access you can provide:

To grant access to a team, a Team Admin can type:

> npm access grant <read-only|read-write> <org:team> [<package>]

The grant command takes 3 arguments, in order:

For example, to grant read-write access the npm-docs package to the @npminc org's wombats team, a user who:

...would do the following:

> npm access grant read-write npminc:wombats npm-docs

To revoke team access to a package, a Team Admin can type:

> npm access revoke <org:team> [<package>]

Again, the package argument is optional if this command is executed in a directory containing a package.json.

You can check whether you have successfully granted or revoked team access to a package using the npm access ls-packages and npm access ls-collaborators command.

npm access ls-packages <org> <user>
npm access ls-packages <org:team>
npm access ls-collaborators <pkg>

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