Manage Team Access To Previously Existing Packages

Currently, it is not possible to change the scope of a pre-existing public or private, scoped or not, package to an Organization.

Specifically, given a private, scoped package @ag_dubs/foo, there is currently no way to make that exact package scoped to the Organization, @ag_org, i.e. @ag_org/foo without creating a new package.

However, Organization members who are either a

that are also:

and, as of npm@3.5.0/npm@2.14.12:

... are able to grant Organization team access to packages that are not scoped within the Organization.

(*yup. this is weird. we know.)

Note: It is possible to migrate a User scope to an Organization scope. For more information on that check out the Migrating a Current User Scope to an Org in the Creating an Org documentation.

So, let's say you have a package @ag_dubs/foo that you would like to collaborate on within the Organization @ag_org.

First, ensure that you have the correct permissions. The user must:

Then, you can grant team access to a package, as though it were scoped to the Organization:

> > npm access grant <read-only|read-write> <org:team> @ag_dubs/foo

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